Aqualander Performance Water Shoes NZ

Aqualander water shoes

Arriving in New Zealand soon. Suitable for easy paths, sandy and pebble beaches, rocky bottoms, surfing, and as a boat shoe. Contact us for more information on becoming a retailer.

Wearing Aqualander water shoes means you can go to the beach, stay under the umbrella, walk without problems on pebbles and rocks and then dive in and swim better than you have ever done.

Forget those bulky water shoes that hindered your swimming, Aqualanders are different and will help you swim better, swim for longer and with less effort. You can swim in the four styles with the same movements of natural swimming without fins, to train or learn better.

Aqualander water shoes give protection and grip on boards, more thrust to your kicking while surfing or simply protect your feet on the gravel, from sea urchins when you entering in a low bottom of stones or from a sting fish hidden in the sand.

The self-cleaning sole does not retain the grains of sand that can ruin the surface of your boards. Aqualander is the ultimate beach shoe and you won’t be able to do without it anymore.

Members of the NImbus Club of Marina di Pietrasanta try this beach shoe during a race. Very positive judgment for the grip, comfort, help in swimming and thrust of the feet when needed.

Who before had doubts after the test were enthusiastic. The best for surfers, SUP, windsurf, coasteering and beachgoers. Aqualander Zen changes the way we live the seashore. Design, development and production completely MADE IN ITALY in collaboration with Ballop Korea