Aqualander Performance Water Shoes NZ

Aqualander Zen hydrodynamic water shoes

Design and production in Italy, financing and Korean entrepreneurship for a beach shoe that will change the way you experience the seashore

Summer, we just want to dive into the sea, but to reach the water we have to walk on the pebbles of the shore or on the hot sandy beach with slippers or shoes.

Then leave the slippers on the shore or swim with plastic shoes that hinder us and only give us troubles.

That’s enough: with the new Aqualander Zen hydrodynamic shoes, you can walk well and swim even better, seamlessly.

The shoes are provided with a finlet that increases the performance of the foot during swimming.

Ideal for stony beaches, rock or coral backwaters but also for protection against sting fish hidden in the sand, they are also suitable for use as shoes for surfing, to increase grip on a windsurf or SUP or as a boat shoe thanks to the self-cleaning sole that does not retain the grains of sand.

An idea born and produced in Italy in collaboration with the Korean company Ballop that invested its capital in this innovative product in Italy.

Made with an exclusive phthalate-free ecological compound, Aqualander Zen changes the way we experience the seashore.